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So I'm finding interesting features in my posts that had been converted from LJ to DW. Ones with embedded youtube vids don't show the vids but have been duplicated with links to the vids. I'm obviously deleting the posts without the vids - only error messages - but those are the posts that the comments stayed with.

Okay, no. I just got smart. I'm copying the link version to the error with embedded videos version. So I'll have both links and comments.

Hmm, it's not just posts with errors that have been duplicated. I just found two posts for the same poem. Odd. Aaargh, and some with embedded link errors that aren't duplicated so I don't know where the originals came from. Grr.

I went looking because I thought I had seen some embedded vids in posts but it was the wrong vid for the post.

Huh, but the correct icon is with the original post. The copy gets the correct icon; the original gets my default icon.
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I'll be taking over Kat's lease at the start of next month. The kitchen is smallish and I've found a table I like. It's $130 from IKEA with an extra $35 to ship it. I really like the table because with the two drop leaves I can generally keep it small but make it larger when I have company.

I've found it nearby on Craig's list for $50. My money's tight though so I'm not sure if I should go for it or not. It'd be the perfect table for this apartment and it being IKEA means I can pick it up in my car. Anything t that doesn't come apart I'd have to get creative with to get it to my place. Plus there'd be the wait while something less expensive became available.

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Whoo hoo! I finally finished draft 3.1 of my I Robot, You Jane chapter of my Giles as the Big Bad of season 1 story. Whew, that was a mouthful! I'll be posting the chapter at Summer of Giles but not until June which is good because I'm changing the chapters toward the end. Some specific chapters will need at least two more rewrites although most of the chapters are in their final form.
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Around 9:15 I noticed that skunk scent that means the roommies are getting stoned again. This is the first time, since Kat asked them to not smoke in the house, that I've noticed the smell when Tim, Sue's husband, was home. Apparently they'd been smoking in the room and opened the door to get to the bathroom which is what sent the smoke wafting down here.

I took the dog for a walk and on the way back noticed they'd opened a window. A few nights ago I suggested it would be okay if they smoked as long as they opened windows to vent it outside. This means either they opened the window after I took Emma out or the two of them are smoking so much that even with a window open it filled the room enough that opening the door was enough to send some wafting down the hall (length of a bedroom).

Kat acted oddly when I returned with the dog. She asked what was wrong and then said she'd heard me coughing. When I replied that I hadn't been, she said I'd been really snippy lately. This whole situation, where she has been mainly minimizing Sue's pot use, flashed through my mind and I thought "because you're not on my side" but I didn't say anything. I don't believe discussing this with her will change the situation so I told her I wasn't upset. She replied "go ahead and cough then" and returned to her study. I repeated that I hadn't been coughing.

I'm not sure if she figured out, after I'd left, that I'd taken Emma out to avoid the pot smoke. If she did, that may suggest the window had been opened while I was out. I don't know if the conversation makes sense otherwise.

I have reason to be upset. There's not only the pot smoke, which could lose me my job if I come up positive on a drug test, but my car has been overheating (taking it to the shop tomorrow) and if I don't find a roommate I'll be struggling to afford this apartment. It's possible some of that has come through although I thought we'd had a pleasant evening up until then.

*sigh* 26 days and counting
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I'm not kidding with this, we once watched a security training video where a set of the villains were Boris and Natasha, not exactly but close enough. After, we were told that we weren't supposed to laugh at the training videos.

No automatic alt text available.

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My job requires drug tests. I'm living with my friend Kat who has also taken in a younger couple, Sue and Tim. Sue and two friends one night literally filled the house with pot smoke. From under her bedroom door, it filled the hallway running parallel to Kat's bedroom, filled the living room, filled the kitchen, and was starting to come in under the door of Kat's study where I'd retreated to avoid the smoke.

Last Sunday Sue told Kat that she'd gotten Emma, Kat's dog, stoned. I know Kat reamed her a new one. I wasn't there but Kat arranged for the two of them to be alone. Apparently Sue doesn't give a fuck. In the living room today I once again smelled pot smoke. I'm in the backyard, which happily is close enough for Internet, working on my Summer of Giles story.

Interestingly, last Monday, after the reaming, she hid the smell by spraying something in her room. This weekend she's not trying to hide it.

End of the month and they'll be gone. Goddess am I looking forward to that day!
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I'm reading the Buffy comics, the issue where Giles is resurrected and some issues after - the What You Want, Not What You Need volume, and some of the points are 1) during the ritual they need to keep in mind the Giles they knew because that’ll influence how he comes back, 2) his aunts go clothes shopping for him, and 3) teenage hormones kick in when he’s around Faith.

I hadn’t read these comics until now but all of these issues showed up in my stories On This Side of Goodbye and Shopping! which was written for the 2014 Summer of Giles. The current Summer of Giles, which has just started, already has some excellent work including Dark Heart Walsh's Epilogues which is the story that sent me hunting down the Giles resurrection comic.

Bingo Love

Jun. 3rd, 2017 07:57 am
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On the morning of OUTrageous Bingo, I learn of an LGBTQ romance featuring Bingo halls. How perfect is that! ;-)


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This pic of Wonder Woman nursing her baby in public is the best thing I've seen this week.
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Summer of Giles is being hosted on dreamwidth this year. There are still open slots if you'd like to sign up. Posting runs from the start of June though the end of July so you'll have plenty of time to write a story.

I'll be posting the next chapter, corresponding to I Robot; You Jane, of my Giles as the Big Bad story In a Corner of My Soul. As a teaser, here's the first scene for that chapter posted on Taming the Muse, which is an excellent weekly writing prompt if you're looking for one.

uh oh

May. 25th, 2017 06:46 am
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Now there's a second dead baby bird in the back. Plus there was that mouse creeping so slowly across the road I thought it must be either dead or sick.

Hmm, I'm starting to feel as if I'm living at the innocuous start of one of those thrillers where the world is swept by a plague.
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A seriously creepy guy started at my new job yesterday. He doesn't come off as creepy right off the bat. He's more of an everybody's buddy kind of a guy but in a slightly smarmy way. We first met him on our break. He was there when we arrived and still there when we left, which didn't make a great impression but he got Jack – surrounded by women; doesn't chat much – talking so that was slightly in his favor. He also talked about having to take the training many times recently because he's been job hopping; again, not a great impression. I was actually wondering why he'd been hired.


That afternoon we learn he's coming on as a floating manager. That reminded me of a couple of stories, both about men being brought in from the outside instead of giving a woman who'd been there for years the job. It did, possibly, explain why he'd taken the extended break. My guess is he sweet-talked Heather saying it'd give him a chance to get to know everyone.


Today at lunch he told us he has two women pregnant. And he wants 17 sons. This after bemoaning the fact that he doesn't have much time to spend with his current son. It's unclear to me if the boy's mother is one of the two women he currently has pregnant.


Aaaaaah! *runs away*

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I've been working on my Giles as the big bad of season 1 fic. In this draft, I'd planned to kill off Owen. Buffy still dating him. I've realized that his death would skew the plotline. Buffy and Willow just aren't that devastated as they have been written and I don't want to change that. So, what  high-school student would be out hunting vampires in season 1? 
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Kat has been encouraging me to take over her apartment when she leaves town. The lease is up June 30th but she's not moving across the country until mid-July. We were discussing it today. She suggested leaving at least some of her stuff here for me to use - my stuffs is about 5 hours away. I said that I'd figured it was to her advantage for me to take the place because then she wouldn't have to move her stuff.

Apparently she's hurt that I think she was thinking like that. She says she was thinking of me, that she doesn't want me sleeping on the floor. Oops.
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I’m looking for a roommate in the Pittsburgh area. I’ll be working at exit 64 off of 376, near an area called Rosslyn Farms. I’d like a short commute. To give you an idea of neighborhoods I’m looking near Bethel Park, Brentwood, Castle Shannon, Dormont, Oakdale, Sewickley, Whitehall.

I’d like someone who is at least 30 (I’m 52), a woman, non-smoker, likes cats. The company I’ll be working for does drug screening so no drugs. I’m laid back and liberal. I prefer a quiet home.

There is a place in Brentwood that I can get if we move quickly. It’s available at the end of June, but I am also looking at apartments in the neighborhoods I mentioned.
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Okay, I need information.

Monday I start my first job in 5 years.

Currently I'm sleeping on a friend's couch. There are a number of reasons why this will be untenable once I'm working. For example, two of the roomies here work odd shifts. One gets home anywhere between 10:30 at night and 12:30 in the morning. Another showers before work around 2:00 in the morning. I'm a light sleeper. There are other issues.

So, I'd like to move ASAP. I'm worried that having been unemployed for 5 years, even though I'll have a job by the time I talk to apartment managers, will mean they'll reject my application. Have any of you been in a similar situation? Can you tell me if this is likely to be a problem?

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I went to the wedding site to make sure I wouldn't get lost on the way and met Chelsy's groom. On his wedding day, when he's busy at the site, he thought to offer me condolences for aunt Alice's passing.

There's a scene in Groundhog Day where Rita's dancing with Phil and another woman says something like "Don't let him go, honey. He's a keeper." If I knew how to make a gif, I'd splice off that scene to add to this post.


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